Orfeo ToolBox (OTB) is an open source processing software for remote sensing images. It can be added to QGIS as a plugin for easy access.

The installation process described here is valid for QGIS versions 3.8 and higher. For older versions see Add_OrfeoToolBox_to_QGIS_3.4_LTR_on_Windows

  • Download OTB
    • Download latest version from
    • There is no installation program, just unzip the file to a directory of your choice. For this instruction we will use "C:\OTB-7.0.0-Win64"

  • Open processing settings
    • Settings -> Options

    • Click the Processing tab
    • You can see OTB under "Providers”.
    • Expand OTB tab
    • Tick Activate box
    • Double click the OTB folder and set it to the folder where you saved the OTB download files e.g. "C:\OTB-7.0.0-Win64”. This is the location of your OTB installation.
    • Double click the OTB application folder and set it to e.g. "C:\OTB-7.0.0-Win64\lib\otb\applications" This is the location of your OTB applications.
    • Click ok to save settings and close dialog. If settings are correct, you will have the OTB algorithms loaded in QGIS Processing toolbox.

  • Installation finished!

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