Welcome to the SLU GIS Support Site

Here we will post articles concerning GIS topics.

Articles will be written and published by SLUs GIS support.

A Short desciption of the GIS support:
The aim for GIS Support is to strengthen and promote the use of spatial data and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at SLU. The support function is to be used primaily by staff but to some degree also by Master level students. Currently six experts conduct support on a part time basis. A steering committee is organised within the EMA Council (Fomar) chaired by EMA Pro Vice-Chancellor.

The support function provides or handles
  • Direct support to users on the web, by e-mail, phone and short consultations,
  • Access to GIS software
  • Knowledge regarding use of open source software
  • Distributing geographic information from amoungst others Lantm√§teriet, Statistics Sweden (SCB), the Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) and the Swedish Maritime Administration (Sj√∂fartsverket)
  • Communicating knowledge via user seminars, the web and the mailing list Gisforum (send a mail to if you want to be added to the list).

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