ESRI layer files can contain a connection to a WMS map service, this makes it easy to add the service to your map.

 In this tutorial we will add one of the Lantmäteriet WMS services to ArcMap.

  • Start a new ArcMap document (File > New.. > Blank map)
  • Add one of the layer files from the folder \\\gisdata\lm\webServices. This can be done in several ways, choose the one you like best.
    • One way is to click File > Add Data > Add Data…
      • Go to Folder Connections. 
      • If you don’t have a saved connection to the server, click the folder icon.

      • Add the path to the server and click OK
      • Drill down through the folders to lm\webServices and select the layer file you want to add.
    • Alternatively you can drag the file directly from an ArcCatalog window. You connect to the server by typing/pasting the path into the Location text box and hit Enter. The folder will appear in the catalog tree below.