ArcGIS PRO in offline mode

If you are going to a place with bad internet connection or no internet at all, there is a possibility to take ArcGIS PRO in offline mode.

This is how you do it:


·         Click on Licensing > click "Authorize ArcGIS Pro to work offline"



But beware that this will only work on the same machine you used for taking it offline!

 Here are some more things regarding going in offline-mode:



 Checking the license back

·         When checking the license back you should be on the same machine and click on “Portals” and then the grey dots “Sign in”.




·         Then click  on “Licensing” and un-click the “Authorize ArcGIS PRO to work offline”.



·         Next you will have to login again with gis-slu and you AD login.





 And then you’re finished!


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