Sometimes authorization of a new single use license for ArcGIS Desktop fails. The authentication wizard reports success, but when you look in Availability you still see the old expired licenses. This typically happens when you have had older licenses which have expired on the machine.

The trick is to wipe the so called Trusted Store that ArcGIS Administrator is using.

  • Create an empty text document with an .uffc extension, e.g esri.uffc
  • Start ArcGIS Administrator
    • Click on Authorize Now..
    • Specify your empty text file.
    • You will get a warning that everything will be deleted. Click Yes.
    • If everything works, you will see this.
    • Now you can authorize again using the “correct” license file.

 Added  Fri Mar 06 14:55:04 CET 2015   by MatsEmbedded Image