How to authorise a single use licence in ArcGIS Pro using a licence file


1.     Download the license file

Note. If you are outside the SLU network you have to establish a VPN connection to be able to access the license and installation files. See more about VPN here:

Open Windows File Explorer.
Copy this address into the address bar in Windows File Explorer: \\\gisprog\Esri\Licenses\singleUse\arcgisdesktop

Hit Enter

NOTE! You cannot use a web browser (you cannot just click the link above). That will not work!

. If you are using a computer that is not registered in the SLU Active Directory, e.g. your private computer, you have to login once more to access the file.
Remember to put "AD\" before your username.

Copy the Single Use license file to your computer (for example into your Download folder).





2.     Start ArcGIS Pro

3.     Open the Licensing Dialog

There are two ways to open the Licensing Setup

Alternative 1: ArcGIS Sign In page: At the bottom, click Configure licensing.

Alternative 2: If you bypass the ArcGIS Sign In page
ArcGIS Pro start page: Click the Settings

Or in an ArcGIS Pro Project: Click Project

Click the Licensing Tab and Configure your licensing options

4.     On the Licensing dialog box, click the License Type drop-down arrow and click Single Use License. Click License level: Advanced and then Authorize

5.     Run the Authorizing Wizard

Click “I have received an authorization file …” and click Browse to find you License file (that you downloaded as instructed above)

Fill in your contact information and affiliation

Wait for the Authorization Process to finish.

Click Finish to close the Wizard


6.      On the Licensing dialog box: click OK.

If you were previously signed in to ArcGIS Pro with a different license type, such as a Named User license, you will be prompted to close and restart the application for the license change to take effect.


When the application starts, you are not signed in. You don't need to sign in to use ArcGIS Pro with a Single Use license; however, you must sign in to SLUs portal to share content to the web or to access content in your organization that is not public.


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