This is a very good transformer to use when clipping geodata.  You can clip both rasters and vectors with this transformer. Another good option is that you can clip both inside or outside.



In this example I have a raster that I want to clip with a shapefile. I want to clip everything outside this polygon. See below:


Create a new workspace in FME workbench and go to the canvas and write “Clipper”.




The transformer “Clipper” will pop up. Now its time to select your indata. In this case you will have to different types of indata, one is your raster and the other one is your shapefile. The indata button is marked with red colour.


Next step you will select where to put your output. The output button is marked with blue colour



As you can see in the Clipper transformer below, there is a “Clipper” and a “Clipee”.  The shapefile will be connected the “Clipper” and the raster we want to clip will be connected the “Clipee”.




Now you can run your workspace! The output will look like this – Voila!






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