Install ArcGIS for Desktop 10.7.0


Note. If you are upgrading from version 10.1 - 10.6 of ArcGIS for Desktop, the installation will automatically remove the old version. If you have an older version installed, please uninstall it from the Control Panel before starting the installation of version 10.7.0


  • Type (or copy and paste) \\\GisProg\Esri\ArcGIS\ArcGIS1070 into Windows Explorer. 
  • Double click the ArcGIS_Desktop_107_167519.exe file



  • Extract the files to your local disk.


  • When all files are extracted, confirm that the “Launch the setup program” check box is selected.
  1. Click ”Yes”.  ​


  • The installation begins automatically.


  • Accept the license agreement.



  • Select Complete.


  • If you are upgrading, you will not be able to choose the location of the applications.



  • Decide if you want to participate in the ESRI User Experience Improvement program and click Install.

  1. Select where you want to install the program.
    • Embedded Image



  • The installation can take a while, especially if you upgrade, but eventually you will be presented with the following window.

  • If you upgraded from a previous version you can now start the program.


Note! It is highly recommended to install the Data Interoperability Extension with ArcGIS for Desktop. Read more about it here. You’ll find the install instructions here.


  • If you made a fresh installation you will have to configure the licensing.
  • Select Advanced (ArcInfo) Concurrent Use

  • Define the license manager: (located in UmeĆ„) and click OK.
  • Embedded Image


  • The ArcGis Administrator will open and you can confirm that you have successfully connected to the license server by clicking the Availability folder.
  • Click OK and start the program.


  • When you have confirmed that the program is working, you can delete the installation files from you local hard disk.
  • Check for updates!


Note! It is highly recommended to install the Data Interoperability Extension. You’ll find the install instructions here.



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