Install ArcGIS for Desktop 10.8.1


Note. If you are upgrading from version 10.5.0 or later, the installation will automatically remove the old version. If you have an older version installed, please uninstall it manually from the Control Panel before starting the installation.


Remember that you have to use VPN if you are outside SLU. How you connect to VPN:



  • Type (or copy and paste) \\\GisProg\Esri\ArcGIS\ArcGIS1081 into Windows Explorer and hit Enter. 


If you are working from home with VPN you might get a security pop-up window. Here you will have to fill in “ad\your credentials”. For example ad/jtjo0001.






  • Double click the ArcGIS_Desktop_1081_175110.exe file


  • Extract the files to your local disk.


  • When all files are extracted, confirm that the “Launch the setup program” check box is selected.


  • The installation will start automatically.


  • Accept the license agreement.


  • Select Complete unless you have specific reasons.


  • Choose the installation location of the applications. Default works well for most.



  • Decide if you want to participate in the ESRI User Experience Improvement program and click Install.


  • The installation can take awhile, but eventually you will be presented with the following window.


  • Configure the licensing. In the search window you can type “arcgis” and you will see the ArcGIS Administrator, click on it.

    • Using our license server.


Next, click on Borrow/Return. Here you can choose the features you want.



  • Click OK and start the program.
  • When you have confirmed that the program is working, you can delete the installation files from your local hard disk.


Please note:

If you want to run ArcMap without a VPN connection, open ArcGIS Administrator.

Erase the name of the License Manager Click Apply and OK.



After this fix you can work in offline mode.



  • Check for updates!


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