On our server gis.slu.se we have some connection files for WMS services provided by Lantmäteriet and Sjöfartsverket. To add a new connection to a WMS map service in QGIS do the following.

  • Click Layer > Add Layer > Add WMS/WMTS Layer, or click the icon.
  • Click the Load button.
  • Select the connection file from our gis server, \\gis.slu.se\gisdata\lm\webServices\Qgis
  • Select the connection(s) you want to use and click Import.
  • Select the imported connection from the drop down list and click Connect.
  • Any layer in the connection will be displayed.
    • NOTE: The WMS services from Lantmäteriet have limited access. You have to connect from a computer on the SLU network, or via a VPN connection​.
  • Select the layer you want.
  • Select image encoding, PNG usually displays well.
  • If you want to open the layer in another coordinate system click the Change button and select from the list.
  • Click the Add button. 
  • Repeat if you want more layers….
  • Click the Close button to return to your map.

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