Web Map Service – What they are and how to use them


Do you want an easy way to access the latest orthophotos or elevation models within your GIS-project? Start using the WMS-services! They are easy to use and you will always have the latest available data.


Please note: If you are working from home you have to use vpn to be able to use the wms services. Follow the instructions below on how to install vpn.





Hillshade over the Kebnekaise area.

From the Höjdmodell WMS service.

© Lantmäteriet



What is a WMS map service?

WMS (Web Map Service) is a standardised way of

connecting to a map server over the Internet. Once

connected, you will have access to seamless georeferenced

map images which can be combined with other datasources, on the net or on your computer.

Most modern GIS software can connect to and display WMS services.



What can I do with it?

Two examples: You can use the map services as background map and display your own data on

top. Or you could manually interpret aerial photos to create or update spatial data.



How to start using WMS in your GIS?

If you are a using QGIS, you can read these articles:

Using a connection file

Using an URL


If you are using ArcMap:

Using a layerfile

Using an URL



What kind of maps are available?

Lantmäteriet (The Swedish Land Survey)

Sjöfartsverket (The Swedish Maritime Administration)


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